DE-REX @ 5. Tag der Elektromobilität in Darmstadt

At April 14th of 2019 the 5th day of electromobility was held at Darmstadt marketplace in contrext of „Darmstadt Mobil – die Mobilitätsausstellung. Numerous exhibitors presented their ideas and solutions regarding the topic of electromoblity.

TU Darmstadt was represented with an exhibition booth by the institutes CEM and E5 (both of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology) and by the IMS with the hybrid demonstrator vehicle DE-REX.

The exhibition of DE-REX at Darmstadt marketplace gave a nice framework to speak about and to discuss with numerous visitors about current trending topics of electromobility and transport policies in Germany. Furthermore it was interesting to get feedback regarding the work and research at the IMS aside from specialized conferences.

In addition the conversations showed, that the mobility needs of a wide range of citizens can be satisfied with a local emission free but still long range capable and overall environmentally reasonable vehicle like the DE-REX

Article in 'Darmstädter Echo' from April 15th, 2019

Flyer for download (opens in new tab) (German only)